Rules of the Game
1.    The game officially begins on Tuesday after the email is sent out and officially ends at 11:59 p.m. (CT) the Sunday listed.  Even if you find the game loaded before the email is sent, and decide to play, the game has not begun and you will be disqualified.

   Size of shot glasses does not matter (i.e. single vs. double) but actually shape of glass may be reason of differentness. (i.e. the Hofbrohaus is a mini-beer stein) 
There are 1-2 key words in the answer, although writing out a entire answer can help when it is not correct.  Points are awarded if an answer is wrong but it works out to be also correct.
Levels of difficulty are:
--pony shot    (easy)
--single shot
--double shot    (medium)
--Highball glass
--Collins glass    (hard)
I accept the rules and want to play
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